After a successful career as a vice
president in marketing and finance
for an international engineering
firm, Michael Barnes Selvin began
writing historical fiction. Having a
home on the Mediterranean coast
in south-west France for over 20
years and fluent in French, he was
introduced to the artwork of the
Master of Cabestany by close
friends. He and his wife became
impassioned with the work of the
Master, visiting all the major sites
of his sculptures in Spain and
France. The author has graduate
degrees in English and business.
He and his wife live in Berkeley,
California, and on the French
Mediterranean in the village of
Michael Barnes Selvin
Michael Barnes Selvin's first novel,
The Telemachia, published in 2007,
won an award from Independent
Publisher in historical/military
fiction in 2008. This is the story of
Telemachus, son of Ulysses, and
their lives after the end of the
Odyssey. The novel is available on
the Internet or at the request of
your local bookstore.
All rights reserved.